About Letaba Security

Protecting lives and assets for 2 decades with glory.

Letaba Security provides well-trained security guards, armed guards, armed reaction and rapid armed response. The company also have cash in transit vehicles for the safe transportation of funds.



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Our Story

The security industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in South Africa due to the high crime rate in our country. The Company intends to make an impression in the Limpopo Province by creating job opportunities and by training top grade security.

The company is also affiliated with Tzaneen Training Centre and Letaba Tactical Firearm Training that specializes in the training of Security Officers Grading, Grade E-A and Firearm Training Under the New Firearm Control act 60/2000. The company’s fleet consist of 2 x Cash In transit Armor Vehicles, 6 Supervisor vehicles, 9-armed response vehicles with armed personnel. The Companies technology equipment consists of 64 hand radios, 113 PTT Hand Radios with Guard Tracking / Life GPS Tracking and recording, 6 base stations radios – Repeater, 02 Base Stations on PTT System, 220 permanent personnel currently employed at Letaba Security.

SAPS – LHP, TTT, OCC and Ambulance Evac 911 also have Direct Radio Communication with Letaba Security.









Years of Service

Company Vision

Due to the current trends in the economy, the company can render a service of significant importance in the security industry.

Competitive Environment and Edge

The quality of service in the security industry constantly fluctuates. The company’s  competitive edge is the attraction and retention of clients by offering highly trained security officers and the best service in the industry.

Mission Statement

Letaba Security aims to become the leading security service provider in the Limpopo Province.The company is dedicated to the building of long-term relationships with clients through quality service and back-up support.We believe in flexibility and therefore provide absolute dedication and service to all our clients.

Market Narrative

The company caters for any security needs in the Limpopo Province sector by delivering the best service and professional back-up support.

Clientele Range

The company will assist any client with whatever needs. The company’s service is their pride. The most important criteria for the company is our service to the client.

“The pinnacle of the security industry lies beyond good service”.