Services  Rendered

  • Security officers: Grade E-B.
  • Patrolling security guards on premises and farms.
  • Access control security officers.
  • Retail security officers. (commercial in-store).
  • Armed security officers.
  • 24 Hour Management support.
  • 24 Hour Site supervision
  • 24 Hour control room.
  • Armed reaction services.
  • Firearm training / SASSETA Accredited Training Provider / PFTC – Accredited.
  • NRCS Accredited indoor shooting range.
  • Armed escort services.
  • Rapid armed response services
  • Retail Training
  • Cash in transit division.
  • Body-guarding (V.I.P protection services).

Training Affiliation

The company is affiliated to Tzaneen Training Centre and Letaba Tactical Firearm Training which is accredited with SASSETA 051904000206 and SAPS 4000051. Facilitation and practical assessments are performed in an accredited indoor SABS approved shooting range.

Training Courses:                           

Tzaneen Training Centre

  • Firearm training course (new firearm control act 60/2000).
  • Use of:  Handgun, Shotgun, Manually Operated Rifle and Hand Machine Carbine
  • Firearm licensing renewal applications.
  • SAQA National Security Practices training program for security personnel.
  • Security Grade Training  – Grade : E – A.
  • Self study UBUNTU training – CIT/ Armed Reaction / Special Events / Retail Training.